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    Under blockade, Gaza Strip is experiencing a 52-day power outage

    The Gaza Electricity Distribution Company (GEDCO) has provided data to the UN, which confirms that since October 11, there has been no electricity in the besieged region.

    Data indicates that the Israeli power plant in Gaza stopped producing energy on October 8 and the power plant stopped producing power on October 11, according to reports from Al Jazeera.

    According to the statistics, Gaza had an average of only 13.3 hours of energy per day from January to September 2023—before its electricity was switched off.

    According to the UN report, “the Gaza Strip has experienced a persistent electricity deficit for the past ten years, undermining already precarious living conditions.”

    Israel launches strikes on southern Gaza.


    The day after the ceasefire with Hamas broke down, Israeli airplanes bombarded sites in southern Gaza. Over 15,000 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli bombardment, according to Gaza’s health officials, since October 7.

    • There’s a chance that Israeli requests to evacuate portions of southern Gaza are a pretext for an assault.

    • Vice President adds that the United States is adamantly against sending Gazans to camps outside of the Strip or to Egypt.

    • The US defense secretary gives Israel advice on urban warfare based on his experiences in Iraq.

    • Releasing detainees instills optimism among Tel Aviv demonstrators for the other prisoners.

    • Once more, Gazans are in desperate need and are looking for food and secure places to live.

    • This is a summary of the 240 Palestinians that Israel freed while hostilities were on hold.

    Israeli calls for the evacuation of several southern areas.


    Following the breakdown of a week-long truce with Hamas, hostilities resumed in southern Gaza on Saturday. The Israeli military ordered inhabitants of numerous Palestinian border communities in the area to evacuate their homes and shelled the southern region. This appeared to prepare the stage for a ground invasion.

    As a new phase of the almost two-month-long conflict looked to be beginning, the Israeli demand for evacuations echoed previous orders the military issued before entering northern Gaza in late October, adding to the terror and uncertainty that hung over Gaza’s 2.2 million residents.

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