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    Pixwox: Overview, Features, and Alternatives

    Instagram users may now access, download, and manage their content on Pixwox, a web-based platform that was previously known as Picnob. People and companies alike love it because it makes managing their Instagram photographs and videos a breeze. If you want to save Instagram posts from other users but don’t want to sign up or log in, Picnob is a fantastic alternative.

    Key Features

    • View and download Instagram content: With Picnob, everyone can access and download media from any public Instagram account.Instagram users also have the option to download their own posts, highlights, stories, and more.
    • Organize and manage Instagram content: Pixwox lets you manage your Instagram photos and videos with folders and subfolders. Moreover, the information you need may be located with relative ease thanks to this.
    • Privacy-focused: With user privacy as its primary concern, Picnob does not keep any user data.No one from outside the company can decipher the encrypted data.
    • Easy to use: Pixwox is a straightforward and simple platform.Picnob does not require any registration or program downloads in order to operate.

    Benefits of using Pixwox

    There are many benefits to using Pixwox, including:

    • Save time: By making it easy to view and download Instagram material, Picnob can help users save a lot of time.
    • Organize your content: Users may organize their Instagram content with Picnob, making it easier to find what they need.
    • Protect your privacy: With user privacy as its primary concern, Picnob does not keep any user data.

    How to use Pixwox

    Just visit Pixwox’s website, input the Instagram username you wish to access, and you’re good to go. After that, Picnob will show you everything that account has ever made public. All you have to do to download anything is click the download button.

    Who should use Pixwox?

    Anyone looking for a safe and easy method to manage, browse, and engage with Instagram material will find Pixwox to be an excellent tool. Things like:

    • Instagram users who aren’t heavy users but nonetheless want to save their favorite posts
    • Instagram account monitoring and management is a necessary task for social media administrators.
    • Companies want to promote themselves and their products on Instagram


    As far as price goes, Pixwox has a freemium basis. However, there are a lot of limitations to the free basic plan. All features are available with the premium plan, which may be subscribed to monthly or annually.

    Is Pixwox safe to use?

    User privacy is a top priority for Pixwox. To keep your information safe, it employs zero-knowledge encryption technology. Thanks to zero-knowledge encryption, Pixwox will never be able to see your Instagram password or any other private data

    Alternatives to Pixwox

    You may get similar features and functionality from a number of alternatives to Pixwox. However, there are a number of well-liked substitutes, including:

    • Instaload: If you want to download Instagram content to your computer, you should check out Instaload.

    • GramSave: Another well-liked desktop tool for downloading Instagram photos and videos is GramSave.

    • IGDownloader: Instagram material may be easily downloaded using IGDownloader, a web-based utility.

    • InstaFinsta: InstaFinsta is another web-based solution for downloading Instagram content.

    • Inflact: You can manage your Instagram content with Inflact, a social media management platform.

    Everyone has different needs and preferences, so picking the right alternative to Pixwox is subjective. Considerations include security, compatibility with platforms, features, and ease of use.

    If you want a simple way to see, download, and manage your Instagram content, Pixwox is a fantastic choice.


    Pixwox is an excellent tool for Instagram users who wish to manage their material, browse it, and save it simply. In addition to being a privacy-focused platform that does not keep any user data, it is also user-friendly and easy to browse.

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