The Mystery Behind a Maytag Washer LF Code: Causes and Quick Fixes!

    Our soiled clothes typically don’t fare well in the laundry. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, our washers would give us the LF error message.

    We know there’s a problem when the LF light comes on in our Maytag washer, but what could be wrong and how do we fix it?

    Why does my Maytag washing machine keep saying LF?

    Water filling in a Maytag washer is slowed by an LF error code.

    If it takes 13 minutes to fill or no water enters the tub, a code will be triggered.

    There are several factors at play, so let’s talk about how we got here.

    Maytag Washer LF Error Code: How to Repair

    LF indicates a problem with water flow, which could be caused by a damaged hose, a broken water entry valve, a faulty pressure switch, or an improperly installed drain pipe.

    Water Hose with a Kink in it

    Tub irrigation is hindered by a kinked water supply hose. The washing machine won’t fill or will fill very slowly.

    LF errors happen after 13 minutes if the washer is still filling. Make sure the tub has a working drain.

    Solution: Turn off and unplug your washer before usage to avoid mishaps.

    You can stop leaks by turning off the water supply.

    The water connection is located behind the washer. Check for kinks, knots, and squishing under objects.

    Improve water flow by straightening the hose and removing any kinks or obstructions.

    Turn on the water source having first ensured that the hose is straight and out of harm’s way.

    To use, simply plug in and run a wash cycle.

    Water Inlet Valve Is Faulty

    The water input valve of a Maytag washing machine regulates the flow of water from the supply hose into the tub.

    The LF error code indicates that the water input valve to the bathtub is broken.

    Turn off the water supply to your washing machine and disconnect it from the electrical outlet.

    Pull the water hose out of the washer’s inlet valve in the back.

    Use a putty knife to pry up the top panel of your Maytag washer and remove it. Leave aside.

    Using a screwdriver, unscrew the washer’s water valve. Exit the intake valve from its slot by pushing on it.

    Know where you put the wires in the valves. Do away with them when you get home.

    To disconnect the inner hose from the washer, you must first turn off the water supply.

    A multimeter can check the water inlet valve. A multimeter can be purchased from any store that specializes in home appliances.

    Low ohms should be selected on the multimeter. Attach multimeter probes to water inlet valve terminals.

    Try the multimeter with a range of 500-1500 ohms.

    Washing machine inlet valves with a multimeter reading below 500 or above 1500 should be replaced.

    The official May retailer carries replacement water input valves. Get one from any shop selling such things.

    First, connect the washer hose and replace the valve. Next, hook up the cables.

    The replacement valve can be inserted into the washer’s slot on the back. Use your screwdriver to re-tighten the screw.

    The water supply pipe for the washer should be connected to the new inlet valve. Turn on the water.

    Join the power to the washer. Commence cleaning.

    Pressure Switch Is Not Working

    A water pressure switch measures the washer tub water level. Water supply issues may be caused by faulty switches giving false readings to the control board.

    The pressure switch needs to be replaced.

    Before attempting to disassemble your Maytag washer, make sure it is not running.

    The control panel washer screws must be undone. Use a putty knife to pry off the panel’s cover.

    Remove the screws and slide the panel forward to access the pressure switch.

    Try to locate the pressure switch. Pipes and cables are included in the round part.

    Remove the tubing from the pressure switch. Before removing any wires, make sure you’ve marked their locations.

    Invest in a multimeter. Get one from any shop selling such things.

    Low ohms should be selected on the multimeter. Connect the multimeter’s two probes to the terminals of the pressure switch.

    If the multimeter reads 0 ohms, replace the dead pressure switch.

    A water pressure switch can be purchased from Maytag or any hardware store.

    Remove the pressure switch screws from the machine using a screwdriver.

    You need to replace the faulty pressure switch.

    Installing a new pressure switch requires screwing. Relink the air hose and the power supply.

    Screw the cover back onto the control panel.

    Start a new cycle by plugging your washer into an electrical outlet.

    Installing a Drain Hose Incorrectly

    If the washer detects that the tub is already full, it will not fill with more water until the current cycle is finished.

    Remove the washer from the outlet and turn it off.

    To avoid leaks, turn off the washer’s water supply and remove the hoses from the inlet valve.

    Washers are designed with drain holes at the bottom. The black ribbed drain hose is made of flexible plastic.

    Measure the length of the drain hose with something longer than 2.5 feet. Secondly, make sure it’s no more than 8 feet in height.

    If it’s not between 2.5 and 8 feet high, raise it.

    After moving the hose, double-check the drain pipe’s connection to the wall.

    Pipes for draining water shouldn’t have overly snug hose fittings. Washing water gets sucked into a tight hose and doesn’t drain.

    Turn the hose’s adapter to see if it rotates freely. If the hose is attached too tightly, disconnect it and reconnect it without applying pressure.

    After connecting the drain hose, turn on the water sources.

    To use, simply plug in and run a wash cycle. Use the control panel’s drain program to remove any leftover water from the last cycle.

    After the load is drained, switch off the washer and then on again to begin a new wash cycle.

    Fixing the LF error code on your Maytag washer will save you time, money, and energy.

    Genuine experts should not be denied participation. Get in touch with professional washer repairmen for peace of mind.

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