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    Discord Notification Won’t Go Away: Breaking Free

    Discord is a well-liked instant messaging and VoIP service that lets users talk to friends, family, and other gamers. Nonetheless, a few customers have mentioned that they are having trouble with a Discord notification won’t go away. This may be aggravating and infuriating, particularly if you’ve already read the message for which you’re receiving the notice.

    What Causes the Discord Notification Bug:

    The Discord notification won’t go away problem can be caused by several different causes. The Discord app itself may have an issue. A further possibility is that your computer or mobile device is having issues. Lastly, a third-party plugin or software might be the source of the issue.

    There are a few common causes of persistent Discord notifications:

    Unseen Direct Messages (DMs):

    If you have unread messages from a user who has been hidden from your friend list, sometimes the DM notice won’t go away. Click the “Hidden” tab after selecting the “Messages” button in the upper left corner of the Discord app to see whether there are any hidden direct messages.

    Unread Server Messages:

    You will be notified if there are unread messages on a certain server. Click the server icon in the Discord app’s left sidebar, then go around the channels to see whether there are any unread server messages.

    Nitro Banner:

    You could see an advertisement promoting Nitro features if you are using Discord Nitro. This advertisement may occasionally show up as a notice, and even after you’ve seen it, it might not go away. The Nitro banner may be turned off by selecting the “User Settings” gear icon in the Discord app’s bottom left corner, clicking “Appearance,” and then checking the box next to “Show Nitro Promotions.”

    Overlay Message Notification:

    You could notice a notification for a message that you have previously read if you are utilizing Discord’s overlay message notification function. This may occur if the message was sent in fullscreen mode while you were using another application or playing a game. To turn off overlay message notifications, open the Discord app, click the “User Settings” gear icon in the lower left corner, select “Notifications,” and then check the box next to “Enable Overlay Message Notification.”

    How to Fix the Discord Notification Bug:

    There are a few different things that you can try to fix the Discord notification bug.

    1. Restart Discord: Often, this is the most straightforward fix. Occasionally, reopening and closing Discord will resolve the issue.

    2. Clear Discord’s Cache: Sometimes issues can be fixed by clearing Discord’s cache. Open Discord, choose User Settings > Appearance > Advanced > Open Discord Cache Folder to remove the cache. Next, remove every file and folder from the cache folder.

    3. Reinstall Discord: You might need to install Discord again if none of the aforementioned fixes work. Remove Discord from your computer or mobile device before reinstalling it. Next, go to the Discord website, download, and install the most recent version of Discord.

    4. Check for updates: Verify that the most recent version of Discord is installed on your system. Updates for Discord are frequently released, and occasionally they include bug fixes. Open Discord, choose User Settings > Appearance > Advanced, and check for changes. Next, press the button labeled “Check for Update.”

    5. Disable third-party apps and plugins: Try deactivating any third-party plugins or programs that you may be utilizing with Discord. Bugs can arise from some third-party programs and plugins.

    6. Contact Discord support: You can get in touch with Discord support if you’ve tried all of the aforementioned fixes and the Discord notification glitch is still bothering you. You can troubleshoot and discover a solution with the assistance of Discord support.

    Additional tips:

    • Make sure you have the latest version of Discord: As updates for Discord are released regularly, check sure you have the most recent version installed.
    • Disable notifications: You can turn off alerts for that channel or direct message if you are unable to remove the notification.
    • Use a different app: Try utilizing an alternative Discord program, like BetterDiscord or Purplize, if you’re extremely irritated.


    Discord Notification Won’t Go Away might be annoying, but there are a few solutions you can attempt to resolve the issue. If you’ve done everything listed above and the problem persists, you may get more help by contacting Discord support.

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