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    Baldur’s Gate 3 Error Code 516: A Guide to Understanding and Fixing It

    Experiencing an issue with Baldurs gate 3 error code 516. 516, the highly anticipated role-playing game from Larian Studios, has captivated players with its vivid environment and fascinating gameplay. However, players have encountered a highly frustrating error code, 516, which prevents them from saving their progress. In addition, we have created this tutorial to assist you in comprehending this error and discovering a resolution.

    What causes Error Code 516?

    There are a few things that might cause Baldur’s Gate 3 to display Error Code 516:

    1. Insufficient Save File Space: This issue might occur if your save directory is insufficiently spaced.

    2. Barter Mode with Specific Traders: The error message can be triggered while attempting to save when interacting with specific merchants that use the “Trade” mode instead of the “Barter” option.

    3. Corrupted or Missing Game Files: Another possible cause of Error Code 516 is corrupted or missing game files.

    4. System Issues: Occasionally, the issue could be exacerbated by systemic problems such as faulty setups, virus infestations, or power outages.

    How to Fix Error Code 516:

    1. Barter to the Rescue:

    • The fix is easy to implement if you think a trader in “Trade” mode is to blame for the problem:
      • Talk to the vendor about doing a “Barter” deal.
      • Leave the chat and try to save once again.
    • Still, another option is to switch to a different trader and see if you can save by switching to their “Barter” mode.

    2. Unburdening Your Save Directory:

    • You should make some space available if storage is the problem:
      • Look in the AppData/Local/Larian Studios folder for your Baldur’s Gate 3 save file.
      • Transfer a few files to a different folder that has more room.
      • Before trying to save again, make sure there is enough space in the save directory.

    3. Verifying Game Files:

    • Error 516 may occur if the game files become corrupted or go missing. As a solution,
      • Get Baldur’s Gate 3 out of your library by launching Steam.
      • Tap on the game’s icon and choose “Properties.”
      • Navigate to the “Local Files” section and choose “Verify integrity of game files.”
      • If any files are missing or corrupt, Steam will fix them.

    4. Reporting the Error:

    • Think about contacting Larian Studios about the problem if none of those options work. Give specifics, such as what happened before the mistake and what you did to fix it. That way, they may find out what the problem is and fix it for future travelers.

    Remember, adventurer:

    • Despite how annoying it is, Error 516 is fixable.
    • If you need more help, try using the options provided above and look for more information online.
    • To overcome this problem and proceed with your trip to Baldur’s Gate 3, all it takes is persistence and a little bit of technical knowledge.


    You should be able to proceed with your adventures in Baldurs Gate 3 error code 516 when you’ve mastered the reasons and remedies to error code 516. Think about getting in touch with Larian Studios support if the problem continues.

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